Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Life Is Born...Let's Welcome Him To This World !

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Haha...isn't he cute? He was born yesterday morning...during a heavy rain. My dad quickly moved him to the shelter from that raindrops. This whole afternoon, i was at home, helping with house stuffs and did nothing. Hehe...lazy...I decided to have a small interview with this kinda bro and unveiled him to all of us. He is still quite weak yet as i have prepared some water and food for his supply. Cheer up, dude...You can do it...truly welcome you to join our family..haha...!


Jessie said...

Actually small lil chickie is very very cute!!!!

Too bad... in KL nobody will rrare chickens...
But my grandparens does in their hometown..

Always will visit the chicken is I go bek to hometown!

wuhihi / ngyc said...

tell me when your little chick grow up. i gonna turn them into KFC. hehhee