Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Freedom....but yet :-( !!

Yoo all....finally i already finished my final exams, which means i have completed my 1st sem in UQ this year!!Although it was very tough but i'm delighted to make this happened! I will be looking forward to the future and keep things going on!

Why i feel sad? Hmm...the main problem laptop totally break-down, have to spend $500(RM1500) in total to get my laptop repaired. I haven't made up my mind to repair yet as i need to discuss with my parents about this!! Gosh....really sad...i don't want to spend parent's money for this but....laptop is very important for me as it plays almost 60% roles in my whole life!! Haha...what can i say about this...totally speechless!!

Since i'm having 2 months summer holidays before coming back, i need to look for jobs to cover my this 'superb expensive' living cost here....arhhh....will definitely try every jobs that offered to me!! The next thing to worry about is....need to look for a better house with lower room rental fees....luckily i got some friends who are also interested in moving out together, that makes me 50% less worry, i should say? hahaa....i'm just self-consulating.....

Like what my parents told me, "Just keep things looking forward, solve them one-by-one, that leads to a worthwhile experienced life & will grows you up!!" I totally agreed with them!! Hopefully everything will be fine.....Wish all my frens out there in M'sia, UK, US, SG, Aust, India.....all the best!!! Cheers...>!!!

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