Saturday, December 17, 2005

Journey to the west....of Queensland

Grey colour - Going to St.George from Brissy
Navy blue colour - Back to Brissy from St George

Yea…journey…trip…that’s what people desires most, especially those tired workers and students out there….Like me, yea, very tired after a tough and pressure exam. One day, one of my housemates, Pinto, came up with a good idea of going for a trip headed to the west side of Queensland. He suggested a place called St.George, which is a small town that is 510km away from Brissy (Brisbane). At 1st place, in my mind, wah, 510km..crazy! After he showed me the whole queensland map (map above is just a portion of the state), the place is like 3cm from Brissy …haha…what I can say is
àAust is really freaking huge!
His plan was: 1. Rent a car and go for 2 days 1 night

2. Travel to the destination while visit those tourist spots along the way

3. Able to stop whenever we want as it is more flexible if having own transport

Johan(Swedish) and I thought that it was a great plan actually since we can always get public transport easily if we want to go along the coastal areas…but its really hard to get to outback (local aussie refer to west side of Queensland) as its hard to catch a transport there. We tried to persuade our Korean housemate (Julian) to join us up coz its more fun if 4 of us enjoy together…but Julian insisted that he has no interest in going into west but BEACH…haha. So we have no choice and kept sticking to our own plan. After discussing the itinerary, we soon went back to our own rooms and rest earlier as we had to wake up early in the morning at 6am!! Once I have finished packing up my luggage, I quickly changed to pyjamas and had a sweet dream too.

Hmm…resting time is always that short, it was 6am in the morning! Arh…I forced myself to get up and had all “morning tidying sessions”! After a while, I rushed out to prepare my own breakky…soon Johan and Pinto walked out from their rooms and joined me up to have some food too. After that, we went to pick up our rental car which is about 20mins from house….!! Soon after finished with all the procedures, Pinto asked me to drive the rental car back to our house while he drove his own car back…..!! That was my 1st time driving in foreign country…hehe! Toyota Corrolla with 1.8CC…wow…powerful enough…vroonnngg! After putting all our luggages onto the rental car, Pinto became our main driver as he is very familiar with the road conditions here. Here we come….St. George!
Pictures during the trip !!


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Joe-Lene said...

hey hey..must be very fun right? envy! nvm.. i'll be going Aust one day soon..sure will try out the places there..must be very nice, beautiful scenery.. wow.. looking forward to.. heh.. take good care ya~ see u soon..