Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - Gundam Kyrios


Its a wonderful night especially get to catch up with friends, moreover at someone's 21st birthday party!! I was kinda exhausted as I've gone to city to meet up my ex-coursemates for lunch...Yummilicious Japanese sushi at Hanaichi, wow...that's absolutely the BLAST for the day! Once I've reached home, I gotta rushed to prepare for tonight's Lisuan birthday party...That's her 21st birthday party, wish her all the best throughout the year!! I've cooked the requested 'Creamy mushroom angel hair pasta'! Hee, luckily it managed to satisfy everyone's stomach...

Yeap, its been a quiet day as my housemate, Ernest has joined up the field trip to Lamington National Park (near GoldCoast)!! As you can see at the title of this post, I'm gonna write about one of my favourite anime series --> Mobile Suit Gundam 00. This anime is really famous and hot all around the world with several huh?!

Celestial Being Gundam Pilots - Setsuna, Allelujah, Lockon, Tieria

I'm gonna picked Allelujah for this current post as I've bought the Gundam Kyrios's 1/144 HG figure, brought it all the way from Penang and assembled here in Brissy as my housewarming decoration!!

Allelujah with his gundam machine

The box cover from Bandai...

Let's rock, Kyrios in Action position...

Near shot with Macro function...fine and detailed structure

Kyrios in Flight position...Transform!!

Hee, can't wait to get another one in the near future but its kinda hard to get gundam figures here in Brissy...will have to do some research about it then....

Oh yea, just a sneak peak of my housewarming party held few weeks ago...too lazy to put them up...hehee, so just enjoy abit at the time being...hee!!

All the happy people warming out my house...heee

From left: Me, KF, ZW, HW, Sailo and PW --> where is JZ?

Here he is...The all-time MU supporter...cheers mate~

Will definitely be a good boy to upload these pictures as soon as possible...haaa...been too busy lately **trying to get a good reason**!! Yeap, can't wait to meet KC up and 1 year is counting down from now...haaa~ Hey folks, have a great weekends out there, take good care there...Nitez **Kev with even smaller eyes**


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