Thursday, December 25, 2008

My MTIM Graduation@UQ (15th Dec 08')

Harlo mates, how's it going? Hohoho, Merry Christmas, everyone!! I've just got back from my superb wonderful trip in Melbourne, don't really want to come back from that fantastic & fun city!! Great city, friendly people with nice weather!! I will blog much about the trip stay tune for that~

Yeap, finally, I have graduated with my postgraduate course (Master of Technology and Innovation Management) on this very special day, 15th Dec 08', at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. After a year and a half of hardships, its time for me to step up and face the reality to get into working career!! There were 2 important things that made this a very special day. First, my ever beloved dad and mum managed to attend my convocation, my two brothers (Hooi & Jiow) with their warmest regards and the luxurious Tissot!! Second, KC & her family attended my convocation too...really thanks to them for spending their precious time here.

The gigantic UQ signboard...

Thanks Dad & Mum...Happy to see you here!

Thanks dad, for nurturing me, teaching me, protecting me all these while!!

Million thanks mum, for tolerating my stubbornness...

All the master class transformers with PhD Optimus-leader (Darren)
From left: Jake, Jenny, Millie, Darren, Charmaine, me

Thanks Ernest, my great housemate...for being my private cameraman!!

Thanks fellow friends, you guys have been so AWESOME~

My great coursemates...Caramel (formerly Jasmine) and Charmaine

Good luck, guys...keep contact ya~

This marks the temporary end of my formal academic career, at the age of 23. But I will keep learning for sure, from people around me, things or even news around the globe. It is always intriguing to meet people from different cultural backgrounds, demographics and geographical locations~ I'm really glad that all my fellow senior friends (the usual gang) have done with their study career too, some will go back for good and be good government servants (Kidding ya)...some will apply for PhD studies (Good on 'em)! No matter what it turns out to be, I will be here to wish them best of luck for their future in all sincerity!! Please keep in touch, people...miss all of you~



main said...

well done dear!!!
and u looked good!! so good
with kc~ =)

ur dear cuz

Kev ** said...

Thanks for dropping by, dear cuz!! See you soon back lor!!