Friday, November 20, 2009

What RM400 can offer...The start of SG TRIP!!

Yo buddy, its been a while since my last shout-out ya...! Many things have happened in these 2 months, I have gone through ups and downs and finally I have reached a turning point in my life...! Well, I will be moving back to Penang and work starting mid of Dec! It is time for me to spend my time with my precious family, after going away from home (studied in Brissy, Aust) for 3 years and working in KL for 8 months~ I miss my daddy...**shyang and whole family will always remember you, my greatest dad**

Alright, let me get back to this post...why am I putting "RM400" as the title of this post? It is all about my absurdity in taking things for granted :(  I thought I manage to catch my rushing flight to S'pore (supposed to be 2.35pm) in time, but I was late to check-in for 10mins...(last check-in time will be 45mins before departure time)!! How silly I am...In the end, I have to burn my RM70 ticket and get the new one (for RM300) T_T....Not only the ticket, I have wasted LCS's FAST&FURIOUS driving trail all the way to LCCT from Damansara for just 50mins...He even revved his lil dear car up to 160km/hr, just to reach the terminal before the closing time...ARH, I should have left my office earlier! That's my own personal fault and all has to be blamed on myself....SAD!!!

The speedometer has reached the limit - 160km/hr

That's the ever-famous LCS...posing with the fire-sparks!!

That superb costly ticket is able to offer me a day-trip around Nilai city, with yummy Ipoh style Beansprout Chicken rice as compliment meal~ All I have to say is...Thanks buddy, for helping me running errand for the whole day!! I'm now blogging in Low Cost Carrier Terminal, KL (LCCT) while waiting to get on board...

This lesson has taught me or maybe everyone: Do not take things for granted, must always plan things ahead with some allowances in between and of course, Everything happens for a reason!! **Wink**
Till then, I will blog more about my Adventurous yet Rushing trip to S'pore!

Consolation reward...The Aston Martin DB9 along the way to LCCT.



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Oh's really a lesson..I have learnt that too...anyway..have fun~enjoy ya sg trip =)

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