Saturday, July 23, 2005

My 1st journal in Aust...! Hehe...


Today is a normal Sunday for everyone but sure it is a special one for me, because I’m going to Brisbane, Australia tonight! But, I’m still scratching my head from the moment I woke up, all because I haven’t get my luggage prepared! Normal luggage weight limit (luggage checking-in) for a traveler to Australia is 20kg. Students that going to study abroad in Australia will be granting additional weight of 10kg (30kg all together). My dad was helping me all the time to make sure that the luggage is within 30kg or 33kg. Hmm….Keep trying on moving things out and in again, but the weight is still 38kg. My dad reminded me to get the list checked again so that any unnecessary things have to be taken out from the luggage to lose the weight and save some spaces as well. In the end, we successfully to get 34kg left and it was around 5pm. If it is overweight, you have to pay for the luggage overweight fees and its around RM100+? It’s totally not worth at all.

Gosh, my flight is at 9pm and I have to check in 2 hours earlier as this is compulsory for all the students. Without hesitation, I rushed to take my bath and get my prepared clothes on. Within 10 minutes, all the family members were ready and waiting for me. Before leaving the house, I prayed to the god and my ancestors for blessing my new life in Australia and take good care of my family as well when I’m not with them. I also asked forgiveness for those troubles and mistakes that I have been made all the time. I was the last one who left the house, at the same time, I still managed to tell the house that I’ll be back one day…..although there is nobody there, funny huh? Haha!! This is the my own way of saying good bye to my lovely home! "Home Sweet Home"!!

After half an hour, we soon arrived at the Penang airport. My itinerary is Penang -> Singapore -> Brisbane by Singapore Airline as I need to reach there in the morning! After getting my luggage checked-in, the weight indicator was 35kg (Oh my god, it exceeds the limit, how arh?) It appeared in my mind for 2 minutes, I was praying so that my luggage can be through with no extra charges. Thanks god, the person in-charged didn’t say anything and got those luggage stickers stickled on them! Phew…..! Just a little while, my friend Paul & Stella called me and telling me that they have arrived. I met them once I hang up the phone. Then, Momo and Ah Pin called me up to apologized of not able to send me off as some reasons on it. Actually, a call or a message is more than enough even though you can’t make it. Most of my KL friends are now studying, that’s why they can't make themselves to be there at that time! I understand those, pals…really thank you all of you that wished me luck. I hope same things will go on all of you….!! After that, Bacon turned up and wished me all the best. That’s all, 3 of them came and sent me off…ooh man…it’s like….so silent but my heart was so warm, contributed by those wishes from messages and calls!

It’s so soon, the time was 8.45pm and I need to begin my step towards a whole new life. My dad just hugged me at once and told me to study at my most effort, take care myself as well. My mum also hugged me, told me to look after of myself there. But I think it should be alright for me because I studied in KL before and that’s out of my hometown. My eldest bro just shaked my hand and told me to keep this in mind, “Study hard, Play hard & Be careful”. Short phrases but meaningful. My second elder brother also shaked my hand, asking me to appreciate this chance of lifetime. This is a whole new path for me and it could be a major experience to shape a better man in the future with better behavior, well-trained, responsibility and full of wisdom. I will never forget what all of you had told me and definitely try everything to achieve them. After all these, I carried a backpack and a cabin-size luggage, walked alone towards the custom security checking. Once I have done all these, I looked backwards and waved my hand to my family and friends. When I got my head turned back, I can’t really believe that I finally make this happened. I already planned this 2 years ago just after my pre-u studies (HSC) in IICP. Everything is seriously all on my own, no more spoon-feeding from parents, friends around. I’m all alone but not in heart…I still feel the warmth from all of you! Thanks again. When I get into the plane, I showed my seats number to the air-stewardess and she showed me the way politely and accurately. After putting those luggage properly, I just think back all the things have been happened in these recent days, I have done lots of things, met lots of people. So, the journey begins……..!

These are the pictures taken during the departure day and some recent pictures...!!
Enjoy !!
My recent pictures....


Jessie said...

the place u live is quite nice ler...
It's not an apartment rite?
U live with who??

got ang moh gals???

BTW, all the best ya!
Sorry can see u b4 u leave!

wuhihi / ngyc said...

This is only the beginning, more to come ;) Prepare yourself to face it. Take care bro and keep contact. Don't hesitate to ask for my help even though not much I can do here in Victoria

Kev ** said...

That is a terrace house which is under a property agent. My house is like "united nations" like home...there is a Malaysian(me),a Korean,a Scottish(gal), an Indonesian and another gal from "Fiji Island?". I think so,haha..!Lots of beautiful Aussie gals here...hehehe...:-p

No worries,sis. It's ok. I'm looking forward to meet up with all of u there again next time. Take care as well...!

Yea, u're right. Got lots more things to be headache about..haha..i will sure seek for ur help if needed..hehe..! Thx for everything and looking forward to meet u in Melbourne as well...!Tk care!