Saturday, July 30, 2005 in brisbane!!

Hi all of you,

It's my second Saturday in Aust, not to say i'm having homesick but i miss all my family, friends, food and tv programmes,haha! Today, i'm boring here as my housemates already went out to find their friends or get some stuffs. Actually, today is a good day for me to study but.....due to laziness, i chose to bring my pc over to campus to online, :-p! Bad? Yea, i admit it....

After 1 week of oversea lectures, it's quite hard for me to adapt it as sudden change of education system. I'm not those genius like my leng sis, good friends, that's why i have to work hard to keep up their learning progress! Jess told me that using mind maps will assist in studies, i think it's the time for me to change my learning attitude and way of studying! The uni's sign board also stating "Inspired Thinking" which mentioning the uni's main aim is to inspiring,guiding students to think and figure much on your own to make urself a good promised for your future! Hmmm.. i will try my best here and hope that will be the same to all of you...Cheers, buddy..!

**Due to request by leng sis, did you guys notice any pics of my housemate and i? One of my housemates is a Korean, his name is Julian. He will only stays here for 6 months coz the course he is taking which is English language, will ends in next January. He cooked lots of Korean dishes and taught me some Korean language as well..hehe! Just let me know if you guys still want any info!!**

There are some pictures updated in my photoalbum. Please have a look if free then...thx!! :)

New Pics here....


Jessie said...

Hey.. ur house look real comfy n nice.. good good..

aND UR korean housemate also.. ahem.. y nv intro ah??


wuhihi / ngyc said...

didn't go to gold coast? : )