Saturday, August 06, 2005

Special Guest of mine....!!!

Yoo.... this is my 3rd week here in Brisbane,Australia. Thx to leng sis and chang bro to drop by, leaving some comments here! Hope that there will be more of you giving me some ideas or messages!

2nd August :-

It's quite a normal day with lectures. My class already ended at 1pm due to no practical class. Except for Thursday, i will have my classes till 4pm everyday...gosh...! I got to know that my eldest bro's best friend, Eddy came to Brisbane from Perth for business trip yesterday. He called up me and we supposed to meet up on Monday, but due to some circumstances, we postponed it to tonite. Once i left the classroom, i grabbed my backpack, headed to the nearest convenient shop to get some groceries...hehe! Food, here i come! Just after half an hour, i reached at home and get some toasts & biscuits as my lunch...hmm!

At around 5pm, Eddy called me up saying that he confirmed that we could meet up at 8pm later tonite! He told me that every time when he reaches a new place, he will get the map and follow the direction to get to a destination. He said that there is no problem of finding my house location. All he needs is a car with adequate petrol and map! Haha...make sense anyway! Finally, he reached my place at around 8.10pm! When we meet each other, we immediately have a big "warm & welcome" hug! It's already 3 weeks that i didn't have this kind of "Home Sweet Home" feeling! It's really quite a long time since our last meet in Penang, Malaysia last X’mas. I quickly invited him to come in and have a look at my house. At the same time, I introduced all my housemates to him!! After a while, we began our journey to search for our dinner! We decided to have our dinner at China Town in Brisbane! We randomly picked up a restaurant and went into it without any hesitation as both of us were so hungry! We ordered 3 dishes and ‘kao tim’ them in 1 hour tome…hehe! He told me about his experiences in Australia since he already been here for 8 years…WOW! I really learned a lot from him. Just after finish our dinner, I directed him to my uni campus and ‘ronda-ronda’! About 15 minutes later, it was already 11.15pm! He dropped me at my house and went back straight to his hotel as he needs to work on the following day! Before leaving, we again, hugged and thanks to each other on the time spending together…Although is short, but I already very appreciated it!

5th Aug:-

My class started at 9am but i already woke up at 6.45am! It's still that cold...i'm feeling dizzy and sleepy still as i got back home at 1am, went to Gold Coast with friends yesterday...hehe! Bought a Hard Rock Cafe @Surfers Paradise Cap...It's been 10 years ago since my last visit there! Everything in my memory has changed...It's so nice there....but that's only my one day trip...very tiring and lack of time!

I promised to myself that i must not miss any classes although not enough of i decided to wake up once i heard my alarm clock!! Eddy is going back to Perth today. He gave me a call yesterday night, asking me out before going back! Once finish my class at 1pm, i quickly gave him a call and he reached my house within 15! We again, went to China Town and chose a Korean Restaurant for our lunch! He treated me both dinner and lunch coz he said he already working whereas i'm still new here,haha. I feel so paiseh(embarrased) bout this, but i really appreciated! He told me lots of experiences he had when he was a student few yrs ago,saying that I have to put more effort in adapting to both language(speaking accent) and the courses here! I remembered every single points he stated and keep them in mind as a guideline for a student like me! I have no regret at all, meeting up with him...although short time but really worthful...! I'm sure we will have chance to meet up again in the future! Cheers, mate!


Jessie said...

good good.
U r having fun in AUST!!

I'm having final now..
pray for me n I shall pray for u in the future!

wuhihi / ngyc said...

damn. go to gold coast huh ~_-