Saturday, August 13, 2005

A Good Friend of Mine.....

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Yo...It's been 1 week since i posted my last blog...I have been so busy nowadays as a lot of things to catch up and to get used to it...Somehow, i managed to get myself some entertainment to cope up with the stress that keep pushing me everyday...haha! Playing soccer, hang out with friends, have meals in friend's house, dining together with my housemates and shopping for FOOD, these are all my so called "entertainment" haha....What to do, must spend some times on other things besides studying,if not, i will become paranoid...hehe! I knew that the air condition in Malaysia, especially KL areas is very terrible and reached danger level too...hope all of you are fine and "genki (energetic)" at all time...take care, mates...! Drink more water!!!

The picture that i attached here is just a picture of a section in an Australian newspaper! Not very special though but what I'm trying to focus in is the reporter's name above, Petrina Berry...can you guys see that? Petrina, this remind me of one of my good friends who is now in Penang, Malaysia. I knew her 2 years ago when i was taking my HSC(Pre-U) course in IICP, right, pet?This name is very unique and rare in M'sia, that's make her become a special person to me as well! I used to call her as 'Pet' coz it sounds like very close to me and i'm comfortable of calling her with this name....hehehe, hope you dun mind that. It's been a month since our last meet before i come over to Aust...and 1 week since our last chat in phone too...haha! She will be going to UK to persuit her studies soon...Hope all the best for you and must keep contact at all time ya....!

At last, just a simple phrase that means everything, "I miss you, pet"! I also miss my family, food and all my fellow 'gang' of friends that we used to hang out together...Yeahhh!! I can't wait to come back and visit all of you....including my favourite food...I'm Coming!

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Jessie said...

Petrina is indeed a unique name!