Monday, April 09, 2007

Flour Monster has its own story...

Hehe, flour monster, that's what my friends here call me...Ever since I was young, I already addicted to stuffs made of flour, including noodles, bread, cakes, tarts, brownies and many more...Kenneth has brought a huge box of doughnuts for us as a fairly generous 'souvenir''s freshly baked from a well-known doughnut shop called 'Krispy Kreme'. It is based in Sydney and has its own branch down in Melbourne. From what I heard, they are going to open second branch bakery in Brissy...woohooo~ Cheers to all doughnut's manias...

The external design of Krispy Kreme box and mouth-watering doughnuts (coated with icings)

Actually, the best of all the doughnuts offered in that bakery is the original-taste doughnut (doughnut with cinnamon powder) but it was out of stock when Kenneth purchased them. But, its already million of thanks to him for bringing a such heavenly dessert to fill our hungry stomach up...These doughnuts are famous with its soft texture which came with extra fragrance...The most important part is that the doughnuts are just enough in stuff~

In a sudden, I decided to 'reopen' my home based bakery yesterday, in conjunction with the 'celebration'of the yummy desserts that Kenneth has brought for us...Haa, funny right? I've baked kiwi muffins this time...This self-created idea was inspired by the previous muffin recipe...!

Baking in process & centred-cut view of the Kiwi Muffin topped with cinnamon icing(Let's enjoy~)

From what I've learned from the previous post about cake baking, I have readjusted the baking temperature used to 20 degrees lower - 160 degrees! It turned out to be in good shape and yummy too...You'll feel the satisfaction when your friends praised for the great dessert...Hard works are worth, keep you motivated to move on~hee...Gonna set my target higher for next baking session ---> TIRAMISU!!

**Please contact me for the muffin recipe...hee~

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