Monday, April 09, 2007

Its all PASTA matters...

Today is the 'Easter Monday', another public holiday for Aussie here. I've been slacking for the past few days as Kenneth came all the way from Sydney on Sat to take his stuffs back and visitting all of us. He just started his new chapter of life, working in Deloitte firm in Sydney for 1 and half month. Its been 5 months since my last meet up with him~

He has been asking me to suggest a place for us to dine for good lunch before his trip to brissy in phone few days ago~ I just recalled that I have read an article about food from Sinchew newspapaer. It was written about an Aussie based italian franchise restaurant called 'Fasta Pasta', which is newly established at Ikano Power Centre in PJ area. Malaysia has been chosen to be its first oversea branched restaurant. Yoo, M'sians, gotta be proud oo! Then, I told him about this yummy idea and without hesitation, he agreed with that. The nearest Fasta Pasta restaurant is situated at Stones Corner, which is about 20 mins from Brisbane CBD.

Alright, let me briefly introduce this Adelaide based italian restaurant...It was established in 1980, by three local Italian chefs living in Aust for years. They decided to introduce original italian style cuisines by offering the most significant food in Italy --> Pasta for the local people here. This great idea has been working so well until they have more than 40 franchise restaurants all over the Australia land at the moment.

Yeap, arrived at the restaurant around 20 mins or so, here we rolled... They provide various choice of pasta which is made using fresh homemade ingredients. They are proudly claiming that "At Fasta Pasta, we only use 100% durum wheat pasta because it is superior quality pasta and it has lower Glycaemic Index (G.I.). A lower G.I. means ‘slow release’ of carbohydrate in to the body to give you longer-lasting energy."

The interior design of the restaurant and the pic of local brewed Ginger beer & Italian Latte.

Fettuccine Cabonara (wide noodle) & Gnocchi Teresina (potato dumplings which is so special, the texture is like pan mee dough)

Kenneth and me (with messy hair look, yuks). Regular munchies like us, always opt for good food !

To be honest, the food here were simply 'Squisito' (italian word of delicious) !! The pasta dough were exactly as fresh as what they have promised to their customers. You can definitely taste the difference from those 'instant' dry pasta. The sauce base were well-cooked with adequate amount of spices and saltiness. The ingredients used including sun-dried tomatoes, ham, cauliflower and others, had been the additional limelight for those two amazing italian creations. Gotta thanks to Kenneth for treating me this meal, appreciated it much!!

Kenneth had made a move back to Sydney today, gonna prepare for tomorrow's working day! All the best in your working life, mate~ You're always welcome to visit us again!! Oh ya, just let me know if one of ya outthere has tried the M'sia's Fasta Pasta...thx ya, hee~

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