Sunday, May 20, 2007


Harloo...I'm kinda slow in bloggin...especially during this so called "Critical Period"~ I gotta finish up my 2 remaining assignments for this sem plus the final exam's schedule had just announced...ARH, I feel the pressure...hopefully this pressure can be turned to my motivation...keke. My bakery has been shut down for long time, I will definitely start my baking hobby once everything's done...hehe...stay tune!

Took at Brisb CBD, on the way to KF's bday dinner. PeiWen, Me and JZ

After a busy week, I've decided to slack for today, I promised, only today - 19th May...:-P ! I went to Indooroopilly shopping centre together with my housemate, JJ and watched a move called Shooter, starring Mark Wahlberg (That cool guy in Italian Job). Overall, double thumbs up for this awesome action movie...the explosion scenes were just too impressing...After movie, we decided to drop by at French Twist for tea...Thanks to her for treating me an aromatic Mocha plus these awesome cakes....forgot those unique name

Choco Moist Cake with smooth choc creame

Jam tart with creamy cheese

These two delicacies already recharged myself for the next few busy weeks...haa~ Just discovered a new product from Glico.... nice dark choc with strong original coco powder~
Only for MEN? Haaa...
Alright, will be stopping overhere, gotta keep things going!! Congrat to those who has now having freedom after exams/industry placements...Good luck to those who's rushing for thesis and myself as well! Fighting spirits~~ hee...Take care all, cheers~


Joe-Lene said...

Only for MEN? Hahaha.. Got " WOMEN'S " or not? So cute ler =)

Oh yea, good luck in everything ya.. Exams exams exams~!
Best wishes and take care over there too :)

Kev ** said...

Ah Joe, thx lots arh!!Err...actually most of pocky are suitable for female...haa~

KY said...

always welcome the link. :P

Kev ** said...

Hey ky, thx for dropping by~

Anonymous said...

french twist indro rocks :) everyone should go there!