Saturday, June 23, 2007

Junction of LIFE~~

Yo mates, how's it going for everyone? Been 'disappeared' for almost a month, whoosh, kinda stressed up for the past few weeks...guess most of the people will have a tough last sem as me? Haa....Alright, here's another big cross road in part of my life, gotta make lots of considerations to make up my mind~~ Ah Shyang, grown up d, time to think for your own future...O.o ??!!

Just a day after my last paper on Thurs, I've decided to splash my cash in order to compensate my deep and huge eye bags by joining my gang over to Gold Coast and shopping! Here we go!!

**Those little gals are really crazy shopper, never underestimate on their potential especially 'SHOPPING"** LOL~

JZ and I decided to split ourselves from others and get a place to sit while waiting for those crazy shoppers to done with their shoppaholic addict!

The Coffee Club Menu...

Affogato (Shot of concentrated espresso and scope of vanilla ice-cream, YUM!)

Hee...the Aussie Nando's, kinda delicious and the portion are massive!

After 2 hours of sleepy and tiring train ride, finally got back to JZ's place...haa. They have asked me to stay on for a while and I have expected to have some surprise for my special birthday on the following day, haha!!

Happy Birthday to lil Kevin...22nd birthday....heee!!

Even got 2 reddish eggs...haaa

Thanks Penny and Jiet Yien for this lovely choc moist cake, lovely!

Altogether five people (JZ, Penny, Jiet Yien, Ken and me) celebrating my 22nd birthday at JZ's place...most of us got so tired and decided to celebrate earlier for me, appreciate it much, buddies ;-) !! Just after finishing the cake, each of us went back to their own place to 'trap' ourselves inside the nice warm cold! (Its 12 degree celsius!! )

Finally gaining back some freedom, I have decided to borrow some cook books from Brisbane State Library to ease my cravings! I'm reading two great books at the moment, hehe.

Curtis Stone: Cooking with Curtis (a well-known Aussie chef, currently having his own cooking show called Take Home Chef, which is shown on Discovery channel, Astro every Friday nite!)

Tom O'Toole: Secrets of the Beechworth Bakery (An award-winner bakery in Victoria, Australia, yummy baking tips and pics!)

Alright, more to be updated as I will have my birthday dinner together with my great gangs tonight, stay tune folks...


Joe-Lene said...

"Happy Birthday to lil Kevin...22nd birthday....heee!!"

Whaoow~ LIL KEVIN somemore! hahah. not lil d la~ :p

Happy 22nd Birthday :)

Kev ** said...

Yalar...old d...especially compare with u this LITTLE joe...haha, thx agian for that, take care!

Penny said...

Glad u liked our 'surprise'. btw, Its KENT and CHIET YIEN...hahaha..i'm glad u got my name right though!!Hope u are enjoying Perth