Monday, June 25, 2007

Tough Decision ?!

Hoho, good morning everybody, I'm back for another new post. Saturday was a great night for me, I'd hope it's the same for all of ya, mates! It's 25th June 2007 - Monday, I'm still thinking which way I should lead to after the current study! I'm trying to get more opinions from those 'EXPERIENCED" and compare myself for the best decision of all. Hope I get to sort it out as soon as possible with no regret, that's what Kit bro was telling me yesterday night!

Its 24th June 2007 - Sunday, as usual, I woke up around 9am to get my laundry done. When I opened the laundry door (which is situated at the ground floor of the house and all the rooms are at the 1st floor!), I saw Mr.Possie (native animal - Possum) hiding behind my laundry powder...he looked like suffering in cold or hunger...poor ya,possie~

Halo, Mr Possie...

Its almost 11am, its time for JJ to get out from her comfy and warmness bed~ We have planned to have a lunch together @ Newfarm as my birthday celebration. She kept emphasized that I've reached 22nd years!! Being a great person where I used to be (**Cheh...:-P), I just smiled and laughed back at her....keke!

After 30 mins of citycat trip plus 10 mins walk from the ferry station, we reached the popular and busy Italian restaurant - Vue @ Newfarm that serves the local authentic and unique fusion of Italian & Aussie cuisines. The menu is so simple and doesn't allowed for modification of the pre-fixed menu ingredients...Cool huh!

The Italian 'Job' - Vue @ Newfarm

Starter - Potato wedges with sweet chilly sauce & sour cream

Main dish - Oregano Pizza with Rocket topping

Main dish - Penne with grilled pumpkins & sun-dried tomatoes (Yummilicious)

One word to summarize these wonder dishes - "Bravo!" The food tasted awesome with adequate spices and sauces...moreover the prices are quite reasonable...Will definitely pen down this place in my 'Food Monster - Complete Guide of Savoury Places" !! Haa...

After the lunch, we went to city for shopping while compensate with the extra weight that we put on just now :-P . Thanks again, JJ sis...Appreciate it very much...

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Penny said...

posuum so cute...................i want!!did u feed that poor thing?it looks hungry