Sunday, June 24, 2007

My 22nd Birthdeii ~!!

Harlo, here's the much anticipated birthday report!! Just back from JZ's place for dinner and I have contributed a homecook dish --> Capsicumio Chicken~ Actually its just sliced chicken thighs stir fried with capsicum + carrots...haa~

Yesterday was my special day of the year - 23rd June 2007! Its my turn to be 22nd years old this time and I feel kinda different from now on...LOL! I will start this bloggie by reporting what had happened on the day before. I was waiting for 12am in M'sia time so that I would be able to give a surprise call for HuiTing and EeChau who is having the same birthday as I am. Guess what, they are even a sweet couple for few years...really cherish them from the bottom of my heart. It was 1am (Aussie time which is 2 hours ahead) here and I have started to yawn continuously! Finally its 2am, I picked up the phone and called HuiTing to convey my birthday wishes. As expected, EeChau was also beside at the same time. HuiTing switched on her speakerphone and we congratulated with each others...its such a sweet moment!!

After hanging up the phone, its my mobile to start its own working hours....haa! Gotta thanks all my dear, sweet, cute, handsome, macho and best buddies in Aussie, M'sia and even UK, for sending their wishes through messages. I'm really delighted with all these meaningful phrases, cheers to all of ya!! Miss all of ya man!! I will definitely be a good boy as what I've promised...haaa!!

On 23rd June morning, I was struggling to get myself out from the comfy bed! Arh, its winter and everyone is still hibernating~ In the afternoon, I went to city and decided to get some desserts (Rum Ruffle & Baked cheesecake) for Chian Ee and Eddy to give them some support as they still have their last final paper on the coming Monday. Surprisingly, they came out with a sweet pressie for my birthday...Yippie~

The CKIN2U - him Fragrance set (Thanks to ShunYing, Tommy, Chian Ee and Eddy)

Refreshing eau de toilette spray!!

At night, several mates and I went to Roselie for a simple birthday dinner to celebrate with me! The whole crew members for this occasion: KinFei, ZhiWei, HuiLeng, Sailo, HW,PW, JZ and I. The tasty fish & chip has been the limelight of the day to ease our glutton stomachs...Gotta thanks especially KinFei and ZhiWei for showing up as they just had their last paper 6 hours before.

Halo to the camera~

HW, PW, me and KinFei (tired right, cool man)

Sailo, HuiLeng, ZhiWei (tough gal, thx for being here) and me

Me, JZ and PW

Crumbed Flake with salads and chips...

Hoho, its everyone's favourite time - Dessert session! At first, we were thinking of going for ice-cream @ Freestyle but it was so crowded and needed to queue up for seats. Since that, we decided to change our plan to this newly established and catchy gelato shop - Gelateria Cremona instead. The shop is operated by a happy young couple who is originally from Italy and China respectively. Their wonder shop has even shown on various local newspapers and magazines...Thumbs up for this!

Gelateria Cremona, that's the owner of the shop (man wearing cap)

Tiramisu and Pear-flavoured gelato...YUMM!!

Yea, the complete pic of all the crew members!!

Yeap, that's a simple summary of my special day of Year 2007!! Last but not least, again, gotta thanks to all of you (Yesh, its YOU) for the wishes and things have done for me...I will definitely remember all of ya for sure...Just keep contact, and CHILL~~ See ya!!


Anonymous said...

wat comment u wan me to leave?hahaha.dis is my comment for u!!!hahahahha

Kev ** said...

Haha...that's JZ...thx for dropping by here...haa!!

Anonymous said...

smart ah.......hahhaha..go perth get a chick back lerrrrrrrrrr...

Penny said...

how did u know that was jz?sighs.....u two soulmates is it?btw, i believe her name is HUI LING...hehe...she's from penang like us also....hehehe....this place is swamped with penang people...yay...