Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chocolate Banana Cake (Low-sugar version)

Haa...been so active blogging these days, maybe it's because I have stopped blogging for a month before that :-P ~~ The post today is under 'Pastry & Confectionery' section. I have baked a cake for my buddies as a thanksgiving treat. I was inspired by cutie Joey's brilliant idea and it is also her all-time-favourite dessert --> Chocolate Banana Cake (with low sugar content). It was my very 1st time in baking a complete chocolate flavoured cake, luckily it turned out well. However, three huge banana were being mashed and combined together with the choco cake batter before baking. Therefore, you can hardly see any trace of banana...hee~

The original look of choco banana cake (crisp crust, yumm)

Ta-dah...thx JJ for her fabulous deco idea

Piece of fluffy cakie, that's small cube of banana inside, do u see that?

Alright, its 10.04am here, its still drizzling outside...its kinda cold...wish I have a cup of hot coffee to warm me up...! Till then, will be back after a week as I will be heading to Perth for winter holiday tonite! Stay tune, ok? Cheers !

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Christy said...

Could you post the recipe? It sounds (and looks) so great! I'm trying to find something to make for my baby's first birthday!!