Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Catch-up post, 'INTENSIVE' !!

Harlo all, its been ages since my last post, I guess it was 24th June or so~ I've even been requested by
  • Joelene
  • to update my bloggie...sorry for keep ya all waiting! Its almost a month ago and I have undergone lots of things...hmm, need to rearrange my mindset where to begin...haaa

    Before getting started, I'm gonna show ya some nice pics here....

    Dusk pic @ Guyatt Park

    French Twist - Choco Ricotta Cheese Tart

    Alright, let's start talking about my winter holidays, I suppose? My 'birthday present' from lovely parents were the return tickets to Perth, for my 22nd birthday and end-of-undergraduate studies celebration~ Thanks dad and mum~!! Hoho...Perth, here we come! CheeLyn must be very delighted since 3 of the brissy kids (HueyWen, PeiWeon and I) came all the way from Brissy purposely to visit

    UWA - Winthrop Egypt!

    CheeLyn - so called 'Chee Saw' or toilet in Cantonese, lol... Happy to see us here?

    PW, CL and HW in front of the Perth tram...

    Corica - Ever famous Apple Strudel in Perth...YUMM!

    Hoho, let's cheers~

    3 of us taking picture at Little Creature Brewery...

    There are plenty of photos yet to be posted as I have already uploaded them in Multiply site! Please click on those links for more info about the whole Perth trip (from 26th June until 3rd of July 2007):
  • Perth Winter Trip 1

  • Perth Winter Trip 2

  • Before ending this current post, I would like to put on some mouth-watering pics, again to make yourselves HUNGER FOR MORE~ Wahahaha...

    Little Caesar's Award Winning Pizzas...

    Grilled CrayFish...Yummy again~

    Jean-Claude Patisserie - Combi Fruits Tart....Indulgences XD

    Alright, gotta prepare to go out soon, I have to stop here and definitely update again as I only have classes on Tues, Sat and Sun...OMG, my weekends are gone...ISHH!! I just went back into uni life again yesterday, will tell you guys about it in details later...see you all, take care!


    Joe-Lene said...

    I kept urging you to update your blog because you're LAZY!! =) and again.. yummilicious fooooooods! :D

    ck lam said...

    Great review... I missed visiting the Little Creature Brewery.