Tuesday, July 31, 2007

YEAH, Finally...yet another Beginning ?!

Harloo, suddenly thought of blogging after a 'long rest' on the weekends, basically been busy doing my hobby --> EAT~!! Yeap, I have fully recharged after indulging with those fabulous yummilicious creations. I had 'yamcha' at FongLing (枫林)restaurant in Sunnybank with friends on Saturday and had luxurious lunch at WATT restaurant in NewFarm!! As the consequences, my wallet has suffered a 'trauma'...gotta spend wisely from now on...:-P

This post is mainly about my completion of undergraduate studies of BSc (Drug Design & Development) course at University of Queensland on 20th July 2007. After a long battle of 2 years here in Aust. plus a year in UCSI, finally my dreams came true...haaa! When I first arrived here in July 2005, I was so nervous and excited as I have made a big breakthrough in my life to pursue my dreams in Australia. Of all this, I just want to THANK my parents by giving me both physical and mental supports!! Haa...of course both my dear elder brothers for the care and supports all the time!!

Standing under the arc of Great Court @ UQ

YuMin, I, Tim and JieYi, congrat to the graduates...

Achieve to the highest point...

My great sis (ShanMin and Peppermint - that's her real name)

Usual gang members...KF,HW,Sailo,me, JZ, ZW and PW...yeah~

End of the ceremony, of coz --> Satisfy our sweet tooth @ Shingle Inn cake house....

Oh ya, for more info and pics, please click here --> My Graduation

The story hasn't end like this...again, I need to make another HARDEST decision in my life...with all the different aspects of ideas and suggestions, I have decided to STAY on to further my studies here in the same uni...~ Gotta stuck here for another 1.5 years...Awww...sacrifice for my future, think twice and its worth doing that way...this is how I console myself...hahaha @!@

Due to this decision, I've again missed out the most anticipating gathering with my great primary friends for the 2nd time in a row...ARHHH....somebody please stop the water hose in my eyes from flowing out...hahaaha! I miss all of ya, bros....take good care and apologized for 'flying airplanes' during the last minutes...Definitely will catch up with u guys as soon as possible!!

All my great buddies, trip to KL in 2005...

Alright, I sincerely wish all of you good luck in all the undertakings...for sure, will definitely try my best to keep contact with all of ya~ You all have been lighten up my life all the time...CHEERS!!!

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