Thursday, September 06, 2007

BookWorming Day~

Aloooo....its so cold down here, such a cold-spring time! I've an off today as I don't need to go for classes, works! The piggy JJ is still sleeping, somehow she is already late to go lab~ Hehe. Hey folks, please welcome my all-new moussie---> VX Revo

Travel from one end to another with ease, together with feature packed buttons, HAPPY**

It is time for me to catch up with some info research...Just realized that I haven't really done enough info searching after the group meeting 2 days ago...ARHHH >_<"" Therefore, I've decided to get myself 'immersed' in the world of knowledges ---> UQ & Brisbane State Library!!'s what I need to 'digest' before next meeting...

The mighty Aussie Government's Science & Innovation Policies

Super-duper thick 'collection of papers'

Heee...not all those boring stuffs for me this 'Food Monster'....definitely accompanied with some entertaining yet intriguing COOKBOOKS....wahahaha....

From Top: JamieO, AntonioCarluccio's Pasta and EatArt

Jamie's way of cooking...FUN and YUMMY!!

Antonio's pasta recipes...simple yet delicious way to make good pasta~!

The Art of Eating...EatART

Sometimes, friends often ask me why you need to use up some time in food decorating? It will be the same mixed when you get them down into your tummy? I always reply them with "Food decoration is an important point add-up step, diners will be delighted to see their even 'humble' food could be 'king-like' delicacies in which further enhance their dining experiences!!" Haaa, speak like a chef huh?! But i really love to EAT!

Alright, its time for me to cook for lunch before starting my read-up later...We need energy, thus we need FOOD! XD Take care there....till then.


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