Monday, September 24, 2007

Cha Cha Char@ Riverside (30th Aug 07')

Harloooo...finally i get to have a short yet satisfied break after all the restless days and nights!! It will be a week off for all the uni students...but basically its just an assignment week for me to catch up with the remaining assignments...arhhh~ Headacheeee...!! Due to ah Joe's alarming reminder to update my bloggie, I decided to post up something that happened ages ago...haaa

Why are we working hard for these days? In order to 'survive', 'live' in these 'materialistic' world, blah blah...lots more reasons which could be important than that!! For me, I seriously think that its 'Live to EAT' reason....haaa~ Such a glutton me...yummy

Interior of ChaChaChar restaurant, award-winning fine-dining steakhouse

As you can see, that's the interior setting of the restaurant at Riverside, Brisbane city...It is situated at Eagle St. Pier where all those high-class and quality restaurants, pubs...hohoooo...It was also part of welcoming lunch for JJ's great friend, Adeline who is working as a pharmacist in Adelaide at the moment...Once she reached our place after a 4-hour flight, we just headed straight to the 'dream dining' place to satisfy our stomachs...

In-house deco...modernized art

Wagyu Rump - Grain fed cow

T-Bone - Grass fed calf

Scotch Fillet - Grain fed calf (Award-winning steak in Brisbane)

All 3 main courses were ordered to prepare in medium-rare, that's really ecstatic when you had your first bite! You can immediately feel the tenderness and natural flavour of the greatly char-grilled piece of creation...The beef wasn't hard and dry at all, it still retain the moist, matched superbly with the sauces and freshly-ground pepper...

Heee...its the most anticipating time for dessert-lovers like 3 of us...

Finger-licking good...Above: Chocolate Fondant; Down: Fresh Lemon Tart

Choc Fondant with Raspberries sorbet and choc puddings

The dessert were the lime-light of the day that put a well 'full-stop' for our 'taste-budding session'!! I really like the deco of those dessert, immediately spared a special space in our stomach to welcome these yummilicious 'after-meal delights'...

Happy mates (Adeline and JJ)

You're always welcome to come over to visit us more oftenly, Adeline...hehee!! Looking forward to go Adelaide next time to continue hunting my 'divine' food life...YEAH!!

For more info about the restaurant, please visit

Time to bed for now, so tired after working, hee! Somehow i feel hungry after seeing all these pics... **Kev is drooling~ Bye for now, folks, take care~!



Joe-Lene said...

Hahah..seems like you need someone to *remind* you to update (*cough* were busy) :p nvm, i will stick to my job, keep on ALARMINGGGG you when you're LAZY! =)

Kev ** said...

Haa, thanks joe...keke, i will 'only' update when u send out reminder...haa!!

Huey Wen said...

eh i have been to cha cha char.apparently they have the best steaks in aus but damn exp.wooo.sian nia.have to do assignments.eek