Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Sweetieee...

Yooo, its been a month and 15 days since I last blogged!! No choice but have to concentrate on uni stuffs....sounds like a good student hayyy...!! Haa! Just had a paper this morning, now anticipating for the last 1 to come...of course, gotta work hard as well.

My brain is just simply not working mostly because 'lack of good food', so decided to post up something here...haa!! This post will be writing about my recent life updates. It is mostly about my newly added sweetie that will accompany me for some time, let's welcome my Canon IXUS 75....heee!!

My babie with 'monstrous' SD memory card...

'She' will give me a BIG hand in recording some wonderful memories

Heaps of thanks, buddy!! FujiFilm A310....!!

Yeap, a 2GB memory card will allows me to shoot and store up to 3500 pics if setting to normal picture quality!! Below is the sample pic taken by Ixus 75...very fine with true colour....obviously, its about my newly found snack, Pocky Mousse (fully imported from Japan)

Pocky Mousse - Tiramisu & Maccha (Green Tea Flavour)

Oh Yea, gotta thanks to my TIMS7317 groupmates for the awesome group works throughout the semester!!

From left: Darren, Me, Jenny, Eva, Kim

Fooling around in da class....!! "Pinch, Pinch!"

ALright, its 3.20pm here, big sun has again appeared....arhh, its so hot here~~ Still 1 more paper to go, must put some effort as well....heee, after that will be my ULTIMATE EATING trip....wohooo....good luck for all the people who's having exam out there, good luck in all the undertakings as well...Take care!


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