Friday, April 04, 2008

Rainbow Beach@Sunshine Coast - Part 2

Harlo harlo, its a sunny yet windy day! Everyone out there is so actively doing outdoor sports, which makes me feel envious! Aikks, you have to sacrifice in order to get something you dream of, right? Hope my leg recovers ASAP and I will get to go outside and have fun like others do!!

Like a piece of ART, don't you think so?

Yeap, let me continue our roadtrip to the ever-beautiful rainbow beach at sunshine coast! Just after our lunch at KinKin hotel, Issac has decided to pull himself off from the trip for safety reason and PW's bro - Wei Jian has volunteered himself to accompany Issac all the way back to Brissy...Wah, such a great housemate huh (Issac, WeiJian, PW and Belle are staying under the same roof).

KinKin Country Life Hotel...Get some beer, mates?

The Aussie Choppers!!

So, here we go, 2 rented cars left to continue our adventure! There were 4 pessengers (KF, KF's dad, Ernest and PW) in my car along the way to rainbow beach. The three huge piggies were dozing off at the back and 'keep asking' me to join them into their 'amazing' dreams~ Luckily KF's dad was beside me to discuss all the funny stories in car learning center, now I know lotsa secrets!! **JPJ, you ain't that good...whaahah!!** XD

After a straight 2 hours of drive, we finally made it to the well-known beach!!

That's the Pacific Ocean, but where's the bikinis?! :P

No bikinis but monkeys JUMPING!!!

We got to know another main tourist spot from the locals there, its called the SandBlow~~

Just like a dessert~

Nice dusk view from the SandBlow...

All of us just fooling around, playing the multicoloured sands...yeah, this is the best appreciation ever...listening to the wind blowing sound and watching the sky getting dark gradually!!

Can't get to go there? Just 'CLICK' it....hehe!!

Cute cloud doggy, see that?!

Yea, that's our 1day trip to Sunshine coast...KF's dad is also a great food eater as he knows lots of places with yummy food...Its so nice to have such yummilicious and mouth-watering conversations with him along the way back to Brissy!!

Alright, time for Ernest and I to cook a feast for friends as they are coming over to our place to have dinner later...have to get myself prepared !! Cya folks, have a great weekend!


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