Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ernest's 21st Birthday (23rd May 08')

Harlo everyone...such an embarrassment for me to greet u guys here...haven't been blogging for quite some time :p As you know, busy with assignments **sniggering** I've been so restless these days as keep giving myself pressures to finish all the assignments up...finally handed in my last assignment of the sem on Thursday!! Becoming a big panda boy...need some facial sessions, sounds so lame...haha!

Arh, talking about Thursday, I've been awaken ever since 4am the day before to watch the UEFA Champ League battle between MU and Chelsea. As I'm not supporting both teams, so remained neutral to enjoy pure soccer!! In the end, I have no choice but to congratulate MU for crowning in the Europe!! Hope my fav Barca will be back on its winning track again...I've faith in you, buddy!! On that same day, I had my late class, as usual, its until 10pm...aiksss!! After reached home, I straight away headed to have my comfortable late shower. **Opps, sorry KC, promised not to have late shower d, such a restive boy arh**.

Emilyn, Jess, JZ and I had planned out something evilish for Ernest's birthday surprise. About 10mins to 12am, all the members had gathered at my place without telling Ernest in the first place .

3 'wicked' fellas with the birthday cake...

Just sharp at 12am, I started the whole event by going into Ernest's room and told him that I was starving...any food to fill up my stomach?! Ernest apologised to me as he didn't prepare any food for me since I've classes till 10pm...Then, the rest of the members just appeared at Ernest's room and started singing birthday song. Ernest was so astonished to see everyone here...

Big reaction from that birthday boy...

He never expected that we would celebrated his birthday because it was so late and everyone was so exhausted after a long uni day...By giving the same reason that I'm so hungry, he quickly urged everyone to go down to kitchen and cut the cakes for everyone...

Yummy rum&coffee flavoured sponge cake from French Patisserie (Thanks Emilyn and Jess)

The birthday boy...formally an adult huh....

Happy moment...(Ernest, Emilyn, Jess, me and JZ in his MU jersey)

Hoho, being a food monster and dessert lover, its so fast that i've slurped in 2 slices of 'sinful' cake...normally I try to control myself not to eat anything after 11pm, haaa!! Ernest then thanked everyone for putting such efforts to celebrate his birthday!! Just about an hour, we had done with all the cleaning works. Emilyn, Jess and JZ then left our house by greeting goodnite to each others...Yesh, finally I managed to go to bed after such a long day!!

The hard works were worthwhile afterall, Ernest was so delighful!! Thanks again for everyone to have this evilish plan successfully executed. Alright, gotta get myself prepared for the birthday dinner later at Valley...catch up with you guys later...take good care, people...;-)


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