Friday, July 04, 2008

Food Expedition in Adelaide...

Hallo folks, how's it going? Deeply apologize for my laziness and procrastination in writing posts, have been busy eating :-P!! The Sem 1, 2008 has finally came to an end, lots of my friends are graduating in this semester, huh, gonna miss all of them. Just realise I'm no longer that young, childish, nor stubborn like before as I need to be the person that is 23 years old. Well, I will continue to improve as a responsible student, as a good mummy's boy, as a friendly buddy for all my mates **Sniggering**

Yeap, I'm gladly that I'm proceeding to my last sem of my current study, hmm, its been a long long time ago ever since I stepped on this Aussie land!! It will be my 3rd year here to enjoy the 4 seasonal country with lots of Kangoroo hooping around...haa!

Oh yea, please have a look at all my birthday pictures that are taken during my 3-days long birthday feast...haa!! Err, Jess, I'm kinda lazy to describe the sumptuous dinner we had together but it is no doubt one of the greatest dining experience I ever had before...heee!! Really thanks and bow to all of ya for making my birthday to be so SPECIAL...let's chill~

Have a sneak peak on my birthday cakes:

Thanks JY, Penny, SL for the decoration efforts...cute little Butter-shortbread man!!

Thanks JJ, Clara, ZZ and Lena for the seducing Baci cheesecake from Shingle Inn...YUMM!

Catch all my other photos here in "My 23rd birthday celebration":
Part 1 ; Part 2

Dusk sky at is so vividly colourful, just simply the best!

Yeap, another half an hour to begin my food expedition being a truly epicurean in Adelaide...Just can't wait to savor the succulent meats, sweet & fluffy pastries, indulge myself in the world of FOOD...;oP !! Alright, I really need to get going as I haven't done packing my luggage, gonna catch a bus to city...take good care, pal ! I promise I will be back soon after I'm back from the wonderful food heaven...Till then, good luck and cheers!! ;-)



Wen Shan said...

Nice cake!

Kev ** said...

Halo, thanks for the comment...^^

shella said...

Happy belated birthday , kev;)
wish you all the best in brissie;)