Friday, July 11, 2008

Gundam 00 - Gundam Throne Zwei

Harlo everyone, I'm back from the ever-wonderful Adelaide city 2 days ago!! After being nagged for long by my friends to update my blog, so I'm here to write up new post reluctantly...Its probably have to blame on my tiredness! Guess what, I accompanied my tech-geek friend, JJ, to queue up for the long-waiting iPhone which had launched today!! Moreover, Australia and New Zealand are the first nations among other countries to enjoy the technological gadget, due to the differences in time zone! After a long, boring, full-of-shyness wait for around 4 hours, JJ has finally managed to sign up a 24-months iPhone 3G contract with only AUD$56 monthly charges and given an exclusive AUD$300 worth of credits!! She was jumping up high for excited huh, gal !! Well, for me, I am still appreciating my current Nokia 6270 and hope it can help me up for longer periods, thanks buddy! I guess everyone outthere is screaming out **softly** for the Adelaide photos? Err, I will post them up shortly, please be patience ya!!

Alright, from the topic of this post, you guys should know I'm writing up a special report for my newly arrival Gundam HG model - Gundam Throne Zwei!! The parcel has arrived at my place when I was still in Adelaide and gonna thanks to my neighbour, Dr. Fong, for keeping the parcel on my behalf ^^

The gundam model box - all the way from Japan!!

The pilot of the powerful machine - Micheal Trinity from the Trinity Family

The word Zwei means number 2 in German and there are total of three Gundam Throne (Eins, Zwei, Drei - 1, 2, 3). just needed 1 and a half day to finish off the assembly process, I supposed it was less complicated than the Kyrios, let's have a look at the finished product...

The tough, versatile and close-combat ultimate machine

Gundam Throne Zwei with its purple GN-drive - Close view

Ready to rumble on the action base...

For more info about this masterpiece, please click on --->
Gundam Throne Zwei
I have two gundam model on my desk now: Zwei is on my left hand side while Kyrios is on my right side...YEA, there are such a great decor to light up my day...haaa!!

Yeap, that's all for today, I'm so tired now, woke up at 7am early morning. *YAWN* Will be right back as soon as possible for the Adelaide posts, no worries pals...take care!!


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