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Totally Carnivorous @ Handorf Inn Hotel - Adelaide (5th July 08')

Harloo everyone, how's it going? After a long long "rest", I'm back here again to lighten up your day! Thanks to Nicole for asking me to be hardworking, won't procrastinating again, gal~ This post is about the yummy German cuisine I had during my winter trip to Addie (Adelaide)!! Really thanks to all my friends in Adelaide for your sweet hospitality for bringing me around, hunting for good food and sight seeing~ **Sorry for those vegetarians, this is for the Meat-Lovers**

Handorf is a prestigious tourist spot that most people would love to be there for a taste of Mediterranean exhilaration. The German descendant village is full of history, heritage and hospitality nestled in the picturesque Adelaide Hills.

The German town in Winter season

The members of the epicure team were: Ivan, Khai Jue, Chi Hou and I (all Penangites). Both Ivan and Khai Jue are my high-schoolmates in JSHS and we haven't met each others for so long since we left high school. Our mission objective was to "conquer" the Handorf Inn Hotel and fully transforming to be the REAL Carnivore....muahaha!! Here we go...

Let's have a sip of hot mocha in such cold weather - simply the BEST

The famous Handorf Inn Hotel@Handorf, Adelaide

Hassle-bassle in the shop...

Once we have settled in for our dining table, the waiter handed us a well-pictured menu with superb choices of food to be ordered. Of course, we have ordered all the signature dishes that the restaurant has to offer...Since we are dining in a German restaurant, we definitely won't miss the throat-soothing beers that are complement to the delicious dishes!!

Hofbrauhaus Munchen beers on tap for you to experience - "The Original Brew of Bavarian Kings!"

The 1st dish - A Taste of Germany Platter

The meats were so succulent and tender, accompanied with the crispy skin...Oh man, that's HEAVEN!! German sausages had its own uniqueness as various types of herbs were added into the minced meats...thumbs up!

The 2nd dish - Giant juicy pickled pork hock (knuckle)

The pork knuckles is another limelight of the day as the meat was so juicy. This dish is different from what we used to have in Chinese or Thai restaurants which is deep-fried version to have the crunchy and crispy texture. The pork knuckle was lightly seasoned and scalded in hot simmer water to preserve its original juiciness of the meat. The complemented sauerkraut (sour cabbage) and Rhine potatoes with mustard seeds sauce were the best side dishes to add another different taste and flavour to the meats...YUMM!

The 3rd dish - Handorf Inn's Char-Grilled Pork Ribs (1kg)

Hoho...we won't be a great carnivore without having these gigantic pork ribs to satisfy our hungry stomach. The pork ribs were served with the home-made garlic sauce, the crunchiness of the meat was another flavour-adding point to make the dish to be so tasty! Big mouthful of meats then "flowing" down a with big mouthful of beers, nothing can beat this...!!

Khai Jue, me, Ivan and Chi Hou (delighted to meet up the Penangites in Addie)

Its such a great experience to have fun with all of ya, bro!! Really looking forward in seeing all of ya again...take care, come over to Brissy anytime!! **Kev is craving for food and saliva keep dripping, :-P**

The wonderful rainbow cutting across the sky was a great endpoint for this dreamy meal...

For more information about the restaurant, please visit

Golden shiny sky at dusk - scenery from my window

Alright folks, it is all for today's post. Finally I've successfully to write up this post after such long slack!! Will have lotsa readings and assignments to catch up, till then, all the best to all of ya...CHEERS!!


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vkeong said...

Wow you get to taste authentic German food.. so nice! I tried a few in Penang and KL and most of them always feature sausages in their menu. Best thing about German food for me is that they are tasty and not too expensive