Sunday, November 16, 2008

Safe Trip Home...

**That it comes and it goes, and I can't seem to hold
**and there's nothing i own, and it breaks me when it goes

Hee, I'm singing Dido's song (It comes and it goes) in her latest 3rd album - Safe Trip Home!! The Red music review even termed Dido as British soul-folk siren kills softly with songs and said that if you only listen to one thing this month..I'm so ecstatic to get her album this afternoon when i got to know that JBHifi already has the album stocked in. I'm been anticipating this album for so long after her previous records 5 years ago.

Dido's 3rd creation - Safe Trip Home

Deluxe Edition set - with enhanced cd (including 3 bonus tracks)

Dido's soft-pitch yet subtly seductive power voice really tying me closely to her songs, listen over and over again!! Being a die-hard fan for Dido, I've been followed her songs ever since her debut song with Eminem named "Stan", which is a theme song for 8 Mile movie starring Eminem. This album is aimed to continue in creating micracles after the successful results from its predecessors - 1st album (No Angel) and 2nd album (Life for Rent).

Inspiring songs...Nice!!

Head to to hear all the tracks...ENJOY!!

Alright, now come back to my story here...Yeap, finally I've done with my final exam for MTIM course, will have to move on in my life...Work and earn some pennies? Stay or Go? PR application? I totally lost my direction...But one thing that I stand firm is that, I will never forget to EAT, because I'm da Food Monster...Muahaaa! Just like this...

Throat-burning curries@Curry Connection with (from left) YiXin, Darren, JJ!! YUMMY~

I will continue to get some guidance, advices, ideas from the people around me, including you! Yesh, its you! Hmm...will get back to you guys soon with some updates about our much long-waiting farewell steamboat dinner at my place tomorrow...Ok, till then, catch up with you guys soon...For the one who is still stressing with exams, GOOD LUCK! For those who is free-of-bound, just CHILL!! Take care, cheers...Summer is here~



Ernie [Kiki] Yulyaningsih said...

Hi Kev,

Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. How did you find it? How's JJ? Are you doing a PhD at the moment? Nice blog by the way and I love the music here.

Kev ** said...


U're most welcome, I love all your mouth-watering food pics there!! Oh, I left IMB soon after my summer vacation course, then proceed to take up postgrad master here. Will be finishing end of this year ^^!!

JJ is fine, currently rushing her lab works and trying to submit her thesis by next year!! Will help ya send regards to her!! Just take care and hear from ya soon ;-)