Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kev's Wonder Recipe - Wonder Bread Pudding

Heyo folks, how's it going? Hope all of ya are doing well...don't be too stress with works or studies...!! I've been rushing my heavy-loaded assignments, aiming to finish them before the Swotvac break (Study break for uni students)~ Aikkss, don't have much time to do revision...ooh ooo :-O!! I'm really flattered that someone did try out my recipe...feel so honoured here!! Let me introduce the FUN-Sized girl -->Nicole!! Thanks for that oo~

Why not we take this opportunity and put away all your tasks (just temporary), and savour something YUMMY! This post features one of my all-time favourite desserts --> Bread Pudding. The hot and fluffy soft texture with sign of crispiness, I'm gonna die for this...

Kev's Wonder Recipe - Wonder Bread Pudding


A: White Bread - 1 Loaf (approx. 750g)

B: Peanut Butter/Fruit conserved (any choice of your liking)

C: Fine White Sugar - 100g

Butter - 300g
Milk - 200mL

D: Egg yolk - 3 (discard the egg white)

Vanilla Essence - 2 teaspoons (optional)

E: Dry/Fresh fruits or nuts

1. Firstly, spread a slice of bread with the peanut butter, with another plain bread stacking on it, and spread with the peanut butter, again stack with a plain bread. It is then formed a 3 bread block.
2. Remove all 4 sides of the bread edges (as it will affect the pudding texture), and then cut them into tiny cute square blocks.
3. Arrange those tiny bread blocks onto a baking dish, scatter with some raisin on top of the breads.
4. Mix together fine white sugar, butter and milk and cook with low heat. At the same time, add in the egg yolks (one at a time) and vanilla essence for more fragrance. Constant stirring is needed.
5. Pour the above mixture to cover all the bread cubes, make sure each of them is well-soaked with the delicious mixture.
6. Place the baking dish on top of a roasting pan filling with water to reach halfway ip to the sides of the baking dish. Bake for 40-50 minutes with 170 Celsius until it turns golden brown.
7. Let it cold down on a baking rack and serve immediately when it is still HOT...

P/S: The sugar content can be adjusted according to personal preference...feel free to 'mix n match'!! I'll bet you'll get addicted for such delicacy...hehe! It is always fun to do some baking yourselves at home...hope you guys can try this out when you need something to MUNCH!!

Alright, have to continue working on my LAST assignment as I will be heading for the BBQ session with all my usual gang later@ SouthBank...Its gonna be hot out there...Applying Sunblock is definitely a MUST...Till then, take care mates!


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