Thursday, May 21, 2009

The FOOD Matter...

Harlo mates, I'm back here again to make my bloggie to be more lively~ Ever since I have started my life being a hardcore worker a.k.a. workaholic, there's always one thing that I won't forget even though how BUSY and TIRED I am...Guess the magic word........................
YESH, it is FOOD~

According to the great Wikipedia, Food is any substance, usually composed of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fibers and water, that can be eaten or drunk by an animal or human for nutrition or pleasure. Haa...Below are some of the examples that suit in both nutrition and pleasure purposes. Enjoy and get drooled with these awesome creations that benefit the mankind.

My life isn't complete if without TIMTAM~ I surrender to ya!

Weekends are the best moment for all the stressful workers~ For me, I've got the chance to go One-Utama Shopping Centre@PJ to enlighten my much demanding tummy! The lucky person that has joined me with the food expedition was LCS...My best buddy since primary school. He is also another glutton that is quite finicky when come to food...Such a great companion for food trails ~

Eye-catching and spoilt-for-choice food menu@Nippon Yataimura in 1-U

Nippon Y's Signature ChaShu Ramen

Dreamy Soft-Shell Crab in Tempura Batter...Crunchy, crispy and tasty

Pan-fry Mayo Chicken Don...

Grilled Teriyaki Salmon Steak...a taste of the sea~

Do you think having a main meal without desserts can satisfy our tummy easily? Then you are wrong...Mains without nice desserts is analogous to a hot cappuccino without creamy milk froth on top...that is totally unacceptable! **Oops...I'm over reacted hay, please forgive me huh**

A sinful yet seducing place for great cocoa - Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge is originally from Melbourne, Australia. They have just recently ventured into oversea markets like New Zealand and now in Malaysia. Apart from this luxurious chocolate display outlet at 1-U, they have another identical counterpart at The Pavillion, KL. The menu list is extensive and the pricing is trully correlate to the quality offerings. It is just like the favourite phrase from Dr. Lance Newey, my great lecturer in UQ - "A Big Bang for the Buck"~

Hot Belgian Dark Chocolate in Mug n' Warmer - Rich and tongue-excitement~

Hot Belgian Chocolate with Caramel - Sweetness in your heart~

Let's Theobroma...anyone?

The concept of Theobroma Chocolate Lounge makes me recall back all the wonderful experiences I had in my favourite chocolate stores in Aussie ---> Max Brenner and Koko Black in Melbourne and Sydney; Cocolat in Adelaide. I will never ever forget those "CHOCOLATY" experiences....YUMM! The purely 'chocoholics' menu are making me totally indulge in the lovable 'staple' and have my smudgy mouth left behind! Napkins are just a display on the table~ Haa...

That's what we call - A Complete Dining Experience with desserts being the second protagonist...If I have the chance to have such food on every weekend, I would more than happy to work hard on the weekdays~ Tummy oh tummy...You'll be treated well...:P. But, not to forget to do EXERCISES after such high calories meals...! Well...I just simply love food...Do you?



jEsSica said...

hey even the choc mug looks like those in max brenner. copy cat

CuteJoey said...

never asked me to join...