Sunday, July 19, 2009

Everything happens for a Reason~

Holaa...mates, how's it going? I know I know, I have been MIA for almost 2 months hay! Ermm, can I use "BUSY" to summarize things up? I guess all of you out there must be %@#%^*...Alright, calm down please...I will elaborate more in this post!

"Everything happens for a reason", it was chosen as the title for this post because the phrase is so bizarre but yet too good to be true. I am gonna thanks to the Empress Bee for inspiring me to have such thoughts. We will always think that why things have to turn out in this way, can't it be better outcome or at least some satisfying and persuasive results. I will let those photos to demonstrate all my experiences that I have gone through in these recent years!

Incident 1: Why did I leave my friends behind and studied in Aussie Land in year 2005?
Reason: Because its my childhood dream if I have the chance to further my study and broaden my exposures in Australia, especially Brisbane...this reminds me of my 1st ever family trip to a western country back in year 1997.

My childhood friends...get to know them since primary school...We have had lots of wonderful memories...KL trip (2005)

Cute guys with smillies...Grab one, girl? (Main's birthday - 2005)

UCSI Biotech Gang (2005)

Incident 2: Why am I being called as Food Monster? **Thanks to Optimus Team in Brissy**
Reason: Because I was being raised up in an environment that is full of food choices, both eastern and western cuisines. The people there have high expectation on anything that is going into their mouth and the kids out there are spoilt for choices.

In addition, the lifestyle of my family that is always opting for better and more delicious food to please our high-demanding tummies. I always try my best to learn and pick up the proper cooking skills to prepare great meals for all my friends during my living in Aussie, really miss it much...I am sure those happiness and enjoyable expressions are the best gifts for every chefs...!!
Yes, kitchen is always my great place to try out some food creations~

**Beware of all the mouth-watering food photos...please keep out of reach of those starving people out there**

Traditional chinese cuisine - DimSum (2007)

Penang delicacies in Swatow Lane@Penang (2007)

Creamy, dreamy and yummy chocolate experience@Max Brenner, Melbourne (2006)

Premium sashimi platter@Sono, Brisbane, Australia (2007)

Super meaty meal@Handorf, Adelaide, Australia (2008)

Gigantic yet finger-licking good Fergburger@Queenstown, New Zealand (2009)

There are still millions of food pics which I decided not to upload as they will bring up some serious problems... :P
Just to sum this up, I Love Food...its just that simple~

Incident 3: Why am I so proud of being a Penangite ?
**For your info, a resident of Penang is colloquially known as a Penangite**
Reason: Penang island is a paradise for food lovers who come from all over the world to sample the island's unique cuisine, earning Penang the nickname of the food capital of Malaysia.

Moreover, I have all my childhood memories in Penang, from the day I was born, going through different stages of life and even until now... It is true that Penangites are the hardest people on Earth to get satisfied with their daily staples.
We, as Penangites, are always having high expectations on the food, in terms of taste, flavour, fragrance, outlook and pricings...Agree with me?! **Giggling**

The signature transport in Penang --> Penang Ferry has been serving people since 1920 and even until now!! Salute...

The Proud of the Pearl of the Orient - Penang Bridge (completed in 1985)

A must-eat for every Penangite --> Hokkien Noodle (a.k.a. Noodle with rich prawn broth)

Golden Laksa@Balik Pulau, Penang --> Fat Vermicelli with shredded Kampung Fish Broth~

Besides that, we have numerous shopping centres that are able to compete with KL, the capital city of M'sia...Namely Gurney Plaza, Queensbay Mall, Aeon Seberang Prai, Time Square Penang and Komtar...We should be proud of ourselves, right?

Incident 4: Why did I make up my mind to leave Australia, waving goodbye to all my best mates in Brissy in year 2009?
Reason: Because all my family members are here in Malaysia and I need to admit the reality that I have to move on in my life...My last trip back in Brissy was really mesmerizing~ I will never forget all the wonderful moments that have gone through in these 3.5 miracle years with my best buddies in Aussie, you guys ROCKS~!!

Below are those unforgettable photos taken in Down Under...

A tropical boy's 1st time stepping on a snowy ground - Skiing@Mt. Buller, Melbourne, Australia (2006)

My 1st time action in the sky...SkyDiving@Queenstown, New Zealand (2009)

Summer trip@Dreamworld, Gold Coast, Australia (2007)

Nice shot, HW@Albany, Perth, Australia (2007)

Jump up high, buddies!!@Rainbow Beach, Sunshine Coast, Australia (2008)

Singing High@Sunnybank, Brisbane, Australia (2007)

Farewell dinner@Pane e Vino@Brisbane City, Australia (2009)

Posing with the pharmacy people@UQ, Brisbane, Australia (2009)

Farewell outing with the Optimus Team@Brisbane Square, Australia (2009)
From left: Darren, Me, Jenny, Millie and Chermaine

Of course my best mates ever...Ernest, me and JZ@Mondo, Brisbane, Australia (2008)

Once I have return to home country, it means I need to catch up with all my friends back as much as possible...Gotta find back all the laughters and have more great time with all of ya~

Awesome group of friends known since primary school@Tao (2008)

Gathering with CLP buddies@Winter Warmers (2009)
From left: AhGoo, HooiTing, SzeHuay, Lipin, me and LCS

In short, everything happens really for a reason, if not, few reasons...We need to think wisely, make decision precisely and plan things ahead to avoid any possibilities that lead to failure. That is my thoughts about it...How about you guys out there?

Yeap, I have promised to all my friends that I will try all my best to keep contact with them...please count on me, folks...Wish you good luck in your undertakings, people...
Arh, its time for lil Kev to keep moving on, have to work tomorrow *Yawn*!! Till then...



yanchang said...

let me know when you back penang, let's go makan with ah john =)

Wen Shan said...

been ages since i last visited here!

what you wrote was inspiring! thanks.

Kev ** said...

YC: Yea man, sure thing ;)

WenShan: Thanks for visiting, pls come more often =)