Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tourist In Hometown

Hey pals, have you ever come across such situation where you need to be a tourist in your hometown?! Well, it did give me some hard times when my friend planned to come over Penang, Malaysia for holidays!! A warmth welcome for the special guests, ShanMin and ShuMin from our neighbour land, Singapore.

I've to hook up to the net and google for some local tourist spots...but those attractions can't really interest me much as being a local, there isn't anything much to see?!! ShanMin keep asking me why is the place is not worth-going, why is the area not reachable and so forth. Arh...FM is having headache! She tells me that I need to think like a tourist, not from the locals' point of view! Ermm, OKIE~ **FM is discontented**!! Haa....

I sort of complaining this to Bee and she convinced me back with just a single and simple good reason --> They are my FRIENDS! Thanks dear, you've got the point...and I will always listen to you...Muacks!! Yeap, they are indeed my friends, so I need to learn to be a good tour guide and put on a good smile to all the Penang visitors!

First tourist spot that I could think of is...Fort Cornwallis. Actually, this is my second trip to this well-supported tourist spot since my first time when I was in primary...!

British Fort and Canon...

Tour guide for the S'poreans!! I'm paid with double! LOL...

ShanMin had a request for me to bring them to the film-taking spot in Church St., Penang. I was like...is there any special? But, the reminder kicked in --> we must think and see from tourist-point of view. Alrighty, be a good girl and I shall grant your wish...Here we go to the Pinang Peranakan Mansion! Somehow I feel ashamed of myself, how could I don't know the road in Penang but yet I'm a Penangite! Arh girls, please forgive me...I will train harder and learn by heart next time!

Baba-Nyonya Style Mansion over 100 years ago

Window to the heaven...

Walking Down the Alley of Time...

If only I could Turn Back Time...

The SG people is hard to be satisfied...:P Therefore, I brought them to our proud beach at Batu Ferringhi!! The weather is just suitable for outdoor activities and everyone seems so happy to be here to enjoy the smooth, cooling breeze...

Golden sunset view at dusk...Looking at the sky, longing for someone special! I really miss you!

Coming to the Food Heaven without having authentic delicious food is just can't be compromised! I'll just show some photos here because...Penang is full of local delicacies! If you want to know more, come here and you will get to savour all of these great gifts from the locals!

Nyonya-style Chicken Masak Lemak@Mama's

Oyster Pan-cake....Crispy, crunchy, tasty, yummy and dreamy!

Mouth-melting Tiramisu@Bella Italia...Simply Irresistable!

Well, I hope my performance is satisfied for the much-demanding guests!! Hee...I am more than happy to see you guys again! Next time will be my turn to invade the Lion City...!! Thanks for visiting ya!


Pocky Dessert - Tiramisu Flavour

Remembrance of Daddy:

Dear Dad, these few days have been emotional for everyone in the house, we keep thinking about you and all the ups and downs that we had together are etched indelibly in our mind! Really thanks for everything that you have done for me...Love ya lots!! 

Alright, it is time for me to help out in the kitchen!! Crispy Pork Belly, please wait for me to turn you to be a great dishieeee...Till then, I will be back to blog more in frequent...Cheers buddies!!



mercure cheval said...

As you know, penang locals rarely visited their local tourist spots, but I did try once, wish I have more time to visit.

Not SG people hard to satisfied, our neighbour country shares the same culture background with penang, so there are not much of culture difference. Not like culture shock on other places. Anyway, just my two cents.

Kev ** said...
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Lew said...

Hey Kev...Pls dun say PNG nothing to see le...I rem yrs ago when i went w my family..PNG is an Old town with its own quiet charm and beauty..thus which is why i propose to go there w SHumin..Thou rich in history like Melaka..I find its mor balanced in the modern lifestyle meets ancient city..mor vibrant..mor lively and oya..mor traffic jams...*winks*;) and one thing ah...Ahem...we gals so hard to please meh?*Eyesrolling*..Jus wan to make the fullest out of our trip in Png mah...= P If not for you tis dear and sweet mate of mine..I guess I mite be stranded in out of nowhere in Png..= )Thou short..reali appreciate wat u done for us...In return...I await ur tour to SG again..and hopefuli to Melaka also...my 2nd home...tis time I'll b tourguide w an itinerary planned fullest @ the best budget for u my fren.= )

Lew said...

And u noe...seeing the ou jian photo now reminds mi its like Nodame's Curry!!! It gaf us tummy upset the next day...U still wan to go back to eat it?:-O