Saturday, May 01, 2010

Rhapsodie de Fruit Loaf

Yea, TGIF~ Everyone is ecstatic as tomorrow will be a worldwide public holiday - Labour Day~ It is such a devastating week here and FM is furious to get more YUMMY food to compensate with the tiredness. Due to popular demand and peer pressures, I have decided to have another creation to keep everybody delighted in both visual and physical fulfillment. ;P

Let me present.........Rhapsodie de Fruit Loaf

I have decided to name this recipe as fruit loaf rather than fruit cake as this flour-product contains less moisture. Thus, it creates a great texture which sits right in between a cake and a bread. YUMMY!

Food Monster is also running out of fresh ideas lately. He needs to observe the surroundings and hopefully get to churn out some incredible senses. This time, I have scooped out a portion of the ready-bake batter and added in with some premium cocoa powder from the Dutch Chocolatier - Van Houten. Then, I have combined both portions right before sending it into the oven. It turned out to be.....

A chocolate-butter swirl fruit loaf with my favourite Dried Cranberries~

Cranberries have moderate levels of vitamin C, dietary fibers and essential dietary minerals as well as a balanced profile of other essential micronutrients. Folks, let's tuck in and promote a healthy life around our communities....Alright, perhaps another closer shot for you to drool even more x-p

Comments are most welcome...Food Monster is thinking hardly to improve his current techniques by trying a few more complicated oven-creations!! Hmm, guess I need to fully utilize these much anticipating weekends. They are truly precious for all the workmates, don't you agree?!


Well-fitted in this post  -  Pocky MARBLE

Alrighty, time for the FM to catch back some comfort sleeps in this cooling night. Guess I will put an end for this post, hope you guys like it. Good night, people ;)


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CheekyScientist said...

Hmm...yoz...Kev..abt ur baking recipes..haf u tried using alcohols like pear wine, Bailey's etc in ur cooking?there are now many fruit wine and beers in the market and i tink they'll go well with confectionery like urs...but as i duno how to bake..My idea onli stops there...Hopefuli u can come up w something frm these?Oya...I had seen a recipe for Bailey's Creme Brulee somewhere b4, share with ya another time..And how abt some inspirations frm Yakitate Japan!!! U r reali like Kazuma Azuma my fren!!! Happy Baking!!! = )Awaiting ur invasion to Lion City... ;)