Sunday, May 30, 2010

SHYANG Can Cook - Sr. 1: Mexican Night~

Buenas noches (Good Evening in Spanish - FYI: Mexicans speak Spanish), all the lovely people out there! Have you ever heard of Yan Can Cook by Martin Yan before? He is just my childhood hero that has influenced me to become the Food Monster today...!! Wonder why I would used YANG instead of Kev?! Because, it is given by my special one...*nod nod - Yes, you are the ONE~*

I thought it will be a great timing for me to make the kitchen alive by cooking a meal for my family. Hence, I have this in mind....Let make it a Mexican Night...

Bienvenido - Old El Paso Fajita Kits
All the cooking steps are just simple like a Finger Flick*
I have promised mum that I won't make a mess in the kitchen and I've become the Head Chef **Grin** Without any hesitation, I took out those frozen minced meat for it to defrost beforehand. Below are those ingredients that are compulsory (its more like a "regulation" for such staples?!):

From left and clockwise: 3 beaten eggs, chicken sausages, bell pepper/capsicum cubes & strips and sweet onions slices

YANG can FLIP! Pan-fry omelet - will provide another subtle texture for Fajitas~

Apart from those raw materials stated above, I thought omelet will be another great enhancement for our dinner, especially with the crispy outer skin and slightly pan-fried fragrance...The normal Fajitas don't seem to satisfy the much-demanding FM, so I gently arranged all the Fajita rolls onto a baking pan and sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese before putting into the oven for 15 minutes. Tick-tock, tick-tock...YIPPIE, time for DINNER, folks!

The Roasted Crispy-skinned Fajitas with Salsa as flavouring sauce...
Is someone knocking the door, asking for some tasting sessions?! d;

Mexican or Italian?! My brain can't even have a justified answer! It tasted exactly like the homemade Italia Pizza~ Mumbo Jumbo...I'm loving it! Everything seems so perfect except the Mexican flavouring powder which is towards the salty side, need some water to quench the thirst~

I really love cooking, baking and of course, EATING! But, when Rationality become a Liability, nobody can escape from the Chef's worst nightmare - CLEAN THE DISHES~ No exceptional even if you have produced a great dinner. Therefore, I have to wash all the cookery and plates by myself....~ Haaa! Ya, let's make dinner as a good practice as it will train up your patience, explore your knowledge on food handling to the widest and so least they are healthy in the way that YOU are the one who knows what ingredients/flavourings that are being used in those dishes~!

Together we promote the Healthy Life~


Thanks Big-Bro Hooi, you are awesome!! POCKIES all the way from HK~

Limited Edition Pocky Winter Chocolate - Melt in your HEART~

O.o Time will never wait for people but its us who need to grab the best out of it! Its time for me to head off to bed...A simple yet meaningful weekends, I'm delighted. :D
Tomorrow will be a better day~ Don't you agree people?! Till then, Adiós!!



mercure cheval said...

thumbs up! good job!

Kev ** said...

LCS: Heee...let's cook up a feast next time!! Good luck for your FINAL testament~

Bee: Dear, ooops...will prepare meals for you, just for you next time, alright?! Don't starve urself, take good care...Muacks too d;

JZ said...

so ur mum is nothing to u d right?how sad it is to hear that.....i dun like this kind of person to tumpang my room lerrr.....will polute my how????

Kev ** said...

JZ bro: Ehh, you can't involve my mum in this description!! Both of them are so important to me~ Pls lend us the room for shelter ler, I guess u also won't let us to be outside in such a cold weather huh!! ;P

JZ said...

haha this sounds more appropriate....if u dun hv the room, probably u can think of spending more time in ACT?hehe