Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Day to Remember~

The earth is moving, the time is flowing and my heart is pumping irregularly. Just a glimpse of eye, it has been a year! A year that I have to start my lifestyle differently, having had to adjust myself without you around, dad! Things are alright at home, everyone seems trying their best to get back on track...Live strong in life. Mum is cheering up to have herself occupied with Yoga classes but somehow will be quite emotional when she thinks of you...Dad, you never been forgotten by everyone here, instead living in our hearts ever since before! Ya, still have a lot to learn in life, wish you were here when I need you ~ Not to worry, we will take good care of ourselves here...; )

Lovely Dad & Mum@Lotte World, Korea (2004)

Right before going off for work, all my mind is just flashing back all the moments that we have spent together, from young till the day you left us~! It has been a tough day here with 2 colleagues on leave at the same time! Wish Wei recovered soon with her sprained ligament. My concentration tends to distort at some point of time but the heavy workload immediately steered myself back on track to keep things focused. Well, guess I just need more rest for myself...after working in staggered hours for almost a year too!

Trio-shot@St. Paul, Macau (2008)
Dad, I miss you so much...



Joe-Lene said...

:( .... but cheers :)
you're tough because you're kks :)

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