Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kev's Midnight Bakery - Orange Marmalade Cake

Its 9 minutes past 11pm, its raining cats and dogs outside. Always love to stay indoor when its raining. While waiting for my phone to get updated with iOS4.2, I thought its time for me to BLOG! This time its about Orange Marmalade Cake...a new creation from the Food Monster~

Sweet Sour Orange Zest~

My colleagues keep asking me to make something for their afternoon tea with some restrictions and these are what I have to bear in mind: No banana, no dry fruits (which is my favourite), no berry-based fruit conserved. Well, guess orange is an universal fruit that can stay safe within the acceptance zone. Started baking only at 9.30pm on Sunday, I'm kind of tired to get myself to move my heavy limbs. Such a lazy FM... After an hour of weary baking session, it turns out like this....

Freshly baked Orange Marmalade Cake...Anyone?

The overall texture is surprisingly great and spongy with enough moisture and sweetness. The fragrance of orange is so strong until my 2nd bro left his beloved PC and approached me to have a peep on what I am doing. Yea, nobody would able to resist the piping hot and fresh cake, especially at such late hours (time for some supper, no?). The only downside of this cake is that the butter is not enough as I have forgotten to put an extra of 50g that is supposed to be in the recipe. The base of the cake gets too dry until it has affixed at the bottom of the baking pan ;(
Lesson learned: Must gather all the ingredients beforehand if you are after for a perfect creation!!

Jingle bell, Jingle bell...X'mas is on the way~

The cake is well-supported by my hungry and glutton colleagues. Within 10 minutes, my container is empty and I could barely have one slice for myself. Being the smart FM, I have kept a few slices in advance for mum and bros at home. *Wink*
Guess I am done for the day. Sweet dreams and nitez.



Anonymous said...

Vraiment comme la conception graphique et la navigation du site, facile pour les yeux et un bon contenu. d'autres sites sont tout simplement trop débordant ajoute

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe that's a sign of success when the cake disappears before you can try it yourself! :)