Monday, February 14, 2011

Brand New Life@Hoe Pharma and V-Day!!

G'day, mate. Its a such a great day to kick start my much anticipated new career as it is also the V-Day... Thanks to everyone for their efforts to assist, support and encourage me to take up such new challenge in life. What makes me to decide to come down to the capital city and be away from my much comfort crib back in Penang? The answer is DRUG...!! This amazing yet eerie term has always been in my mind ever since I have decided to enrol Biotech course back in uni...Gotta grab this golden opportunity and give all I've got to achieve my career objectives and milestones!

Hmm, Shyang with much sincere apologies for not able to stay at your side on this special occasion. Well, need not to specifically spend an enormous amount of extra expenses to keep the other half happy only on this particular date. Have a great time with family back there ;)

All I want to say is... I love my valentine much and as always~

Orchid@Peranakan House, Church St., Penang


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