Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Good Morning! It is a great Sunday and I'm breathing fresh air in my beloved Penang~ Just finished cleaning up the water pump in the fish pond and it is working all good now! The sound of the water flowing reminds me of those days back which my dad will do all the works while brothers and I are busy playing computer games.... Bad sons huh >.<"
When dad is getting older, he will be the commander and gives us the orders to make sure the water pump is working properly. It will be our worst nightmare if we are being told to change the water in the pond!! First, we need to drain the water by half, then catch the Koi fish out and scrape off those thick layers of green algae. Before putting back the Koi fish, we will need to splash a handful of sea salt with anti-chlorine liquid into the fresh water. It will take up a whole morning and I suppose it is a good work out too, haa.

It has been almost 2 years since the day you left us, things have changed with ups and downs in life. We are here to make sure mum is doing fine, so don't worry dad! Recently, mum has fulfilled her childhood dream of going to UK together with Cecilia... We are glad to see her enjoying herself there as well. Likewise, I need to buckle up and focus on my priorities for now! Thanks to everyone beside me, I have gained and learned precious experiences in life. I have to learn to pursue happiness in hard times... 

Dad, when I was browsing through the photos in your camera, I saw a lot of photos that you have taken with the people you have met and people that have helped you these recent years... Sincerely thank them from the bottom of my heart! Among the photos, I find this is really memorable... Trio shot by Dad@Macau in 2008.

I miss you, Dad!

I wish all of you Happy Father's Day!! ;)


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