Sunday, October 09, 2005

Strong Comparison !!

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Its Sunday afternoon, juz had my lunch (baked mantou with fruit jam and kaya)! While having break, suddenly thought of updating my blog. The 1st pic is taken when i first arrived here in July, that time was winter and its quite cold. Whereas, the 2nd pic is taken last week and it is spring now which i always complain about the hot hot weather somehow can increase up to 39 celsius degrees...gosh! Can't imagine when it is summer later...ooh nooo..!

According to my friends here, blossom of the flowers signifies that it is time to start our revision for our final exam will starts on 5th till 18th Nov...hmmm...gotta quickly start to study my heavy stacks of notes. I keep telling myself that time will past without our conscious and have a total yet temporary freedom after the exam. I will be staying here till next year....hmm.....have to train myself and try to learn some local cultures by getting some jobs during summer holidays here! All the best for those friends out there in other parts of Aust and M'sia....good luck in ur final exams as well....


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Jessie said...

Good to u too my bro!~!

Add oil (cantonese)

wuhihi / ngyc said...

my exam start at 10th november and end at the same date with you :)