Saturday, October 15, 2005

Ultimate Freedom??

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Yo....updating blog once a week...haaa...nothing much happened here, just doing assignments, lab reports, projects, attending lectures, study for exams, eat, sleep, sports(a little bit) !!! I think mostly all of you out there are having hard times as it is exam periods now....but some of my friends(MMU students) are in buoyant mode, relaxing for their holidays, hehe!! What is ultimate freedom? Err...according to my own knowledge, i think it is a situation with no worries, nothing much to figure about and total relaxing. That will happen soon after my finals exam which is still 35days remaining including today!! Arhh....

The pic i enclosed above was the buka puasa food selling by Malaysians near my house here in Brisb. As all of us know, they are having 1 months of ramadhan(fasting in certain period of time everyday). A 'big' packet of Kerabu rice + 2 curry puffs + 1 fried popiah = $4. It is not RM4 but $4....;-p Gosh...RM12 for this...expensive...but it reminded me of M'sia people's kindness & warmness and great varieties of food from different races (this is most important, haha) !! I will work hard till the end to achive my targets...this is a promise to myself....appreciated all the things i having now! Looking forward to meet all of you that are scattered around every parts of the world....Cheers....!!


wuhihi / ngyc said...

looks yummy for least i can't find those stuff here... -_-

Jessie said...

I am gonna post the pics of the Ramadah Bazaar I went yesterday..!!

and ur mata will be wide open!