Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday = Party Night?

Yooo....its really long long long time ago since my last post....have been struggling with my lab reports and assignments these few finally got some free time to get myself a deep and relax breath(although next week will have to do 2 more lab reports and assignments)...sigh! Haha...

Its lucky enough that i had some extra nice dinner with 3 other malaysians here at JZ's house...really makes me think of having my hometown food! We bought the ingredients and cook is fun yet satisfaction! My friend, Angeline, is a great chef here and even a house's cook in her family. She is the main cook for families' mum only knows some western cuisine! Basically, she has to cook for her family everyday back in M'sia...haha...I will stand beside her, assisting and learning from her too. Of coz, i will also contribute some in our so called "Home Taste" dinner. JZ and Andrew will help us in washing the dishes. Thx to them! We will cook together for every Fri and Sat's dinner...yeahhh....

Just after our dinner, we spent some time, chatting together in my friend's room. At around 10pm, we decided to go back to our home respectively. When we walked out from JZ's house, we saw a guy lying beside the street! That's really freak us off...thought something happened. Suddenly, another Aussie approached me and asked me: "Hey mate, did you hit that guy?" I was like, wht myself already so small size compare with them, how i able to hit him? Angeline and I quickly leave that area and rush towards her house. At that time, my body no longer being controlled by my mind, the only action was....RUN as soon as possible!! Eventually, they threw the rubbish bins beside the road...i'm still dun understand why they did so...One possible cause, they are Drunk....That's why, its almost a party night during every Friday nite, sometimes you will hear someone's screaming in the middle of the night...gosh!

Anyway, i just headed to my house after sending my friend back at her house safely. Don't really wnt to care so much about them....I must make good use of this weekend as my final exam is coming soon in November...I still got tonnes and tonnes of notes for revision! Arh..hehe...all the best for you guys out there...cheers, everyone!!

*P/s: I have enclosed my recent uploaded pics...take a look!

Pictures here !!

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Jessie said...

wah.. good reaction.. RUN!